Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure Starts its Own Data Portal


In Germany, three ministries are vying for the title of most digital of ministries. Not to be outdone, Minister of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) Alexander Dobrindt of the CSU today launched its own data portal, called mCloud, to provide millions of mobility, geo and weather data. The intended target audience is founders, startups and mobility companies. The portal is open for third party data. The Ministry’s portal is the second federal data portal, the other, GovData, was an initiative kicked off by the Ministry of the Interior, and is currently being maintained by the city of Hamburg.

Aside from goverment-owned data, the German Railroad has already entered schedule data, and planned are the publication of data from the Copernicus satellite and the data from the German Weather service.

Interestingly, a short glance at the portal shows that there are no data sets under the government’s own license, the “data license germany“.


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